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6/15 10:44pm

Mutt Lynch Winery

Went there hoping for both a nice wine experience and some dog interaction, maybe an enclosed patio to meet and greet. Very disappointed. The only dog was locked in a car because it was "dog aggressive". Our dog stood around on a cement barn- like floor, bored stiff. Great concept and their wine names were clever but not an inviting dog experience for us.

5/14 8:32pm

La Casa

We had the pleasure of enjoying lunch at La Casa and would happily recommend it. We had our 75 pound Golden Retriever along with four adults and a baby and the staff was very accommodating. The location was quiet and comfortable and a water bowl was provided.

The food and service were very good too. This restaurant is definitely now a preferred doggie-friendly Sonoma spot!

12/31 2:51pm

Central Animal Hospital

I wrote a review on Central Animal Hospital over a year ago and have had multiple experiences there since my last review---all very positive! I am also happy to share that they now also offer holistic services such as acupuncture and homotoxicology (acupuncture with homeopathy) and my dog is responding well to treatments for his allergies. This is a top notch clinic!

12/31 2:04pm


Friendly, helpful staff, dog friendly and supportive of animal rescue organizations. Would like to see more holistic dog foods.