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12/12 6:02pm


Ayran Athey is a well-liked groomer for many of the dogs that we meet at the nearby Shaw Dog Park. Ayran does good work, has reasonable prices, and is a great guy to boot. Plus I like knowing that I'm contributing to a successful small business down the street rather than the Petsmart or Petco that are 2 and 3 miles away. (Not that there's anything wrong with the big chains, but in this case I have a great choice!)

12/6 1:47pm


Wonderfully designed urban dog park with concrete section, low brick wall, gravel sections shade trees, benches, active dogs and attentive owners. Very well gated and popular in the neighborhood. Also called Margate Dog Par by the city.

12/2 7:44pm

Desert Breeze Dog Park

Plenty of parking, well fenced, and 3 different areas available (although seems to be usually closed in order to let the grass rest?) One area is always for smaller dogs. Water fountain is available, but doesn't seem to come equipped with a bowl or method of catching the water for the dogs. As a result, many patches of grass get very muddy.

I have taken our basset here several times in April and November, and found that the dogs are not generally as active as in DC and Chicago. She still gets some good exercise, but is more often bored than I like, preferring to focus on chasing a ball or chewing on it than playing with other dogs.

People are friendly and sometimes bring their own lawn chairs. Not much shade.

12/2 7:37pm

Palm Springs Dog Park

We visited Palm Springs with our basset hound last week and were very pleased with the very well designed park behind City Hall (near the airport). It has more space than I have seen in most urban dog parks, and plenty of boulders, chairs, old hydrants, trees, and tented areas to provide seating and shade when it is hot.

Perhaps it is the hotter/dryer climate, but I have noticed that the dogs tend not to play as hard here (or in the other dry spots of our Thanksgiving trip, Las Vegas & Irvine, CA) than they do in Chicago and DC where our dog plays often. Still, she got plenty of exercise and the owners were always nice and attentive.

I wish there were doggie waste bags available, but instead the park supplies metal scooping utensils to pick up the waste and put in the trash bins. I guess I'm more used to picking up with a bagged hand. Maybe I should learn new tricks!

12/2 7:24pm

S Street Dog Park

Opened Sept 2009, the 3rd of DC's public dog parks. This one is especially fun for our basset hound as she can run full blast on the K9 Grass that is an artificial turf designed for dogs. There is only one area; no separate area for smaller dogs.

Because the park is in the middle of the Dupont Circle neighborhood, there are dogs there pretty much throughout the day. So when I want to take our dog for play in the middle of the afternoon, there is always someone for her to play with.

It is also especially nice during gentle rain -- I can stand with my umbrella while she plays on the turf and doesn't get muddy.

I also like the trees and benches that provide shade and seating for people.

12/2 7:07pm

Shaw Dog Park

Open since fall 2008, the Shaw Dog Park is a great example of district-sponsored dog parks that have been developing in the last couple of years. It is well-constructed with double-entry gates, separate area for dogs under 25 lbs, doggie waste bags, and a water pump that is on year-round. The crushed-gravel surface provides a reasonably safe running ground for the animals. (There used to be a problem with broken glass, but it has been taken care of.) A committee of neighborhood dog owners manages the park and oversees its upkeep.

Most owners clean up after their dogs, although some get missed on occasion. Dogs are generally well-mannered and active, with some very active chasing and wrestling not uncommon. Owners generally try to allow their dogs to play hard without holding them back, but it is still not uncommon to see owners have to step in to quiet down an overly excited dog or feud in the making.

We often see dogs at play during lunch hours until about 2 and after 4 pm until dark or later (lights allow play until the park closes at 10 pm), and most times throughout the weekend. I don't know what kind of activity there is in the mornings, as I have not taken our dog there at the earlier hours.

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