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All Pets Hospital

3.5 Bone Rating

4 Reviews

269 S Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 861-5725

Neighborhood: Mission
Category: Pet Services, Veterinarians

Hours: Now Closed
Mon-Fri 7am-7pm
Sat 8am-6pm

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8/25 11:45am

Kimberly S.

Be careful when taking your loved one to this practice. I took one of my cats Opal to this practice based on the recommendation of a staff member at SFACC. Opal had some lumps on her tummy. Dr. Hershberger spent only a moment examining her and announced that she had cancer, and that she only had three months to live unless he immediately performed surgery and chemo. The kind, compassionate, and human thing for him to do would have been to wait until the biopsy came back before pronouncing Opal's death sentence. I didn't know this guy from a hole in the wall - it was our first visit. Opal actually passed just this past weekend, two years after her diagnosis. My husband and I chose to let her go as soon as she started suffering from her symptoms, which began two years, not three months, after her diagnosis. And what Dr. Hershberger failed to tell us that two other vets did - the form of cancer Opal had is extremely aggressive, with an almost 70 percent return rate. So even if we had tortured a sensitive, shy, tender little dumpster kitty with the $14,000.00 worth of surgery and chemo Dr. Hershberger tried to push us into, her cancer would probably return. We chose not to force her to endure pain and hardship, and had two wonderful years before we let her go. She was 14. She died peacefully in our home with the assistance of a compassionate vet. Moral of the story: seek out compassionate vets to diagnose your pets, especially when they are ill, not emotionless scientists who just want to experiment on your child because they care more about "winning" than about the quality of a companion animal's life.

1/13 12:07pm

Karen R.

This is our Frenchie's main vet. We have seen all of the doctors and like Dr. Gillespie the best. The staff are also very helpful and friendly. Minus one bone for the ridiculous price they wanted to charge for her spay, so we took her to SFSPCA for 1/3 of the cost.

10/15 2:51pm


Dr. Herman & Dr.Hershberger are amazing. We have a very sensitive doggy so he's in there quite often. The front desk staff are amazing and give great phone advice as well as process tedious paperwork to our insurance company. I love these guysbecause they love all critters

10/8 3:28pm


The service at All Pets is great, and while we usually see the same vet (Dr. Herman- she's great- soooo friendly and knowledgeable)- on the occasions we've seen other vets, they've all been just as friendly and experienced. This is probably not the best priced place around- we actually went to SPCA for neutering since they were ridiculously over-priced here; also, I think you can get the puppy vaccination schedules for cheaper at Petco or Petsmart- worth looking into. But for your primary vet, this is a great place that will take excellent care of your pup.

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