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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fido Factor?
Fido Factor is a free service for dog owners looking for dog friendly places to take their dog. Members can also use Fido Factor to read and write dog specific reviews as well as research pet services like veterinarians, dog walkers, groomers, dog sitters, and more.
I have used other review sites before, how are these reviews different?
Most review sites tend to be from a general perspective, Fido Factor reviews are specifically focused on the dog experience. A typical review site will ask a user to review a restaurant based on the food, service, and atmosphere. On Fido Factor you're welcome to share that perspective as well but we ask you focus your reviews on dog specific elements, e.g. whether the restaurant had water for your dog, if the dog friendly seating was shaded from the sun, if you had to leave your dog to go inside to order, and if your dog was treated kindly by the staff, are just a few of the many examples.
Where do you get your information from?
The information has either been gathered by our staff or submitted by our users. If you encounter an information error, please let us know by clicking on "Have a correction?" on the location profile page.
How do I add a dog friendly location or business profile?
There are two ways to write a dog specific review:
  • 1. If you search for the location or business on our site and are unable to find it you will be presented with the option of adding the location.
  • 2. If you already know the location or business is not listed, click the locations tab and halfway down the left-hand side you will see a button for "add location"
We'll verify the information you enter and add the location to our database. You will receive an email once the location has been verified.
I added a location or business profile but it was rejected, what happened?
There are several reasons why a location can be rejected, but the main reasons are as follows:
  • 1. The location was a duplicate and already in the database.
  • 2. Fido Factor was unable to verify the dog policy of the submitted location.
  • 3. The required categories were not filled in completely and the information was insufficient.
How does Fido Factor support homeless animals?
Fido Factor supports homeless animals in our home city of San Francisco by making a donation to The San Francisco SPCA each time a user adds or reviews a location in San Francisco. The donation is automatically generated and is paid by Fido Factor, not the user. For more information please review the following page: Our Mission
Are donations made for locations or reviews added outside of San Francisco?
Unfortunately at this time we are unable to make donations outside of our home city of San Francisco. Fido Factor is a free offering and we provide it as a service to the community. This policy may change in the future, be sure to check back for future updates.
I noticed on my profile page it says I donated money to The San Francisco SPCA, who pays that?
Fido Factor has paid that amount to The San Francisco SPCA in your name to support homeless animals in San Francisco. The donation was generated from you either adding a dog friendly location or dog business or writing a dog specific review.
I wrote a series of dog specific reviews/added several dog friendly locations, why hasn’t my donation total increased?
The most common answer to this question is the locations you reviewed or added were not in San Francisco. Unfortunately at this time we can only donate when users add or review locations in our home city of San Francisco. If the reviews or locations added were in fact in San Francisco please contact with your specific issue. We will do our best to respond within 24hrs of receiving the email.
What is Facebook Connect?
Facebook Connect allows you to log into Fido Factor using your existing Facebook account information. If you use Facebook Connect there is no need to create a separate Fido Factor account. It also lets you connect with your Facebook friends that are on Fido Factor and optionally post information to your Facebook profile when you write a review on Fido Factor.
Are dogs allowed in restaurants or grocery stores listed on your site?
By law dogs are not officially permitted inside restaurants or grocery stores with the exception of service dogs in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). All restaurants listed on Fido Factor permit dogs at their outdoor tables. Furthermore, these restaurants reserve the right to change their dog policy at any time. As for grocery stores, our locations are based on user submissions and will not be removed unless specifically requested by ownership of said business.
I’m having a technical problem with Fido Factor, who should I contact about my problem?
Please contact We will do our best to respond to your request within 24hrs of receiving the email. In the meantime you are always welcome to post your issue under the feedback section of the Fido Factor forum.
I’m interested in partnering with Fido Factor in some way, who I should speak to about this?
Please contact We will do our best to respond to your request within 24hrs of receiving the email.
I want to link to Fido Factor from my site, do you have any images I can use?
Yes we do! Just head to our assets page to find a logo to fit your needs.